DF Robot SLA Solar Power Management

This page documents the usage of the Solar Power Manager For 12V Lead-Acid Battery by DF Robot.

Initial findings

  • With MPPT switched on, feeding in 17.8V at 0.4A (~7W)
    • With switched on MPPT will hold 17.8V well
    • Load is a ~4000mAh usb battery bank on USB1
    • With an ambient temp of 21°C, the bottom heatsink (large) registers 28°C and the top heatsink (small) is only 24°C
  • With no load on, there is an audible high pitched whine. Goes away instantly when load is connected
  • Happily charging the 12V SLA battery whilst delivering (500mA) to the USB1 load
  • There are lights to show which outputs are jumpered to “ON”
  • There are 4 colour coded LEDs to show the current charge state of the SLA battery.  This battery gauge can be switched off.
  • There is a red and green set of LEDs to show when the SLA battery is charging / charged.
  • MPPT charging can be switched off with a phyisical switch on the board.
  • MPPT is fixed at 18V.